~Our 50th Anniversary Cruise~

The park where we now live took a Royal Caribbean cruise
in January 1999. We, along with our daughter and son-in-law,
decided to go along with the group in celebration of our 50th
wedding anniversary which we celebrated on December 6th 1999.

Below you'll find a couple of pictures of the ship we
went on, "Grandeur of the Seas"


Here we go for a day of shopping on a tropical island.
PARADISE INDEED!! Of course, then we had to eat & be pampered by our dining crew.


Seems like we did a lot of "dressing up" and "eating".


Looks like we're at it again!! Sure hope some of these
are taken on the SAME night!


Here's the whole group of us. WHAT A GANG!! Then of course
there's Jack & myself (Pat), Bill & Louise Windhouser,and our daughter Lynn
& her husband, Bob Kitchene. We all shared a table and lots of laughs!


Not a bad looking capitan huh?? But who's
steering this ship if he's here with us? YIKES! Titanic
panic attack!!! Are there icebergs in the carribbean?


First the casino took our money, then we tried our luck
at bingo and found out we still didn't have any. Luck that is!


Of course what little we did manage to win this
thieving, pirate stole from us at sword point.


Of course we stopped in Labadee, Haiti at their
private island. Sat sipping pina coladas while the warm ocean
breezes teased our hair. As we listened to the throbbing beat
of the island band.....sound like a soap opera??


Of course, what's a cruise without our dress-up nights?



And what's an anniversary cruise without "THE KISS"


This adorable background set came from Cottonwood Designs.

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