~Our 40th Anniversary Celebration~

Our children gave us a celebration honoring the renewing of our
wedding vows which we did on our 40th anniversary. Below you will
find several of the pictures taken at our home in Mt. Carmel, Illinois.
Of course we now live in Haines City, Florida.

Ginger, Lynn's good friend baked the cake for us. It was
beautiful. Here is a pic of her with the cake and also us with it.


Our vows were renewed at our church,however I didn't promise
to "obey" just love. HA HA!



Our daughter Lynn, husband Bob, son Shane Hamm, and
stepson Bobby Kitchene.

Our son Jack, wife Myrna, daughter Megan, son Travis and
stepdaughters, Danielle and Kyleigh.

Our granddaughter Teresa, husband Mike, and daughter Breanna.

My cousin Vereal Sutton, she spent the winter with me in Florida
this past winter and we had a ball.

My sister Charlene in happier times. We're very very close
and unfortunately she now resides in a nursing home.

My brother Charles Franklin Collins and wife Vi.

My sister Delanor Lee Coomer and friend Patty Lou Benson.

This is Teresa again with Janet Neikirk.

This is Roger Whetstone who performed the renewing of our vows.

This is John and Bessie Yarbor, he was minister at the church
for several years.

These are some very good friends, Jim and Kathleen Watkins.
Kathleen directed the choir at the church for several years.

Deanie and Fred Sherman are below.

Bill and Zorene Buchanan also attended.

Kenny and Linda Moody along with daughter Christy came too.

Charley and Beverly Higgins also came.

Melissa, Vereal's granddaughter was also a visitor.

For the rest of the pictures of our anniversary celebration
please go on to Page 2, the link is below.

Anniversary Pg 2

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This background came from Terri Lynn Graphics.

I always try to give the proper credit for all graphics, poetry, etc.
on all of my webpages. If I've missed anyone, my sincerest
apologies to you and if you would be so kind as to
e-mail me, I would promtly see that you receive the credit due
or remove the item, whichever you'd prefer. Of course,
I'm hoping you will graciously allow me to use them .
Thank you and God Bless

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