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Here we are again, with lots more pics to view. I'm going to
start you off with a picture of our home here in Florida


This next picture is of Jack, fishing, one of his
favorite pasttimes. Then we have a picture of us with Mason
at the Daytona raceway.


Here's one of Lynn and Jack from years back. I think
she was about 16 or 17 there. Then one of Teresa at the speedway


Here are some of Shane. He takes his love of fishing
after his grandpa.


Here's Breanna again, the center one is the day we
all went to Cypress Gardens. She got to dress up as "one of
the girls" and parade around, waving at everyone. She was so
angelic til the dress came off. HA HA!

These are some of Mason's school pictures. Cute little
dude isn't he??

Here's another of Bob and Lynn and Bob's adopted
children,[from Guatemala] Bobby and Lisa.


Jack & his family went to the beach while they were visiting
& here he is with Travis and Kyleigh. The next is
of Jack & Travis goofing off for the camera.


Here are Megan and Danielle in their graduation pics.
The one of Breanna and Megan was taken at Lynn's in Florida
when Megan lived in Florida for a while.


John Travolta, move on over cause here comes Travis
Dunn. This is him ready for his prom and this boy can
really dance. The next pic is one of Travis at his sister
Danielle's wedding along with cousin Breanna and niece Jaxyn.


Here's another of John with Nick and Haley.


Be sure to keep your eye out for more pics to be added.
My daughter Lynn does the work on my site for me between
doing her own and working part time at Hallmark. She's planning
to add more pictures to this page plus create, you got it,
Pat's Pics 3. So be sure to tune back in to this station
to see what's been added. Have a wonderful day!!

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I always try to give the proper credit for all graphics, poetry, etc.
on all of my webpages. If I've missed anyone, my
apologies to you and if you would, please
e-mail me, I'll see that you receive the credit due

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