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Hi there, welcome to my page of pictures.
Here you will find many pictures of my family and friends.
To start us off, here is a picture of my mother and father,
Charley and Stella Collins and one of Jack's mother and
father Raymond and Mary Dunn.


Below you will find a couple of my husband, Jack
and myself.


This was taken quite some time ago of our family.
There's Jack and myself, Vi-Linda, Jack and John.

The pictures below are of my daughter, Vi-Linda and
her husband Bob, taken on a cruise we went on for our 50th
wedding anniversary.To see more pics of our cruise, go to
visit my "Our Anniversary Cruise" webpage.


This is Lynn's daughter Teresa, our first grandchild,
with her two children, Breanna and Mason. Of course they're now
11 and 9, which is a little older than in the picture.

Here is my namesake and Lynn's son Shane. His full name
is Patrick Shane Matthew Hamm, quite a mouthful huh??? Of course
you can guess which part is after me, the PATRICK!

Teresa's husband Mike is holding their puppy, Molly, a
miniature dachshund, Breanna is holding, Muffie, our neighbor Anna's
dog, a shitzu, and Travis [Bo] is holding Chancie,
a Yorkshire terrier. Quite a trio of breeds huh!

This is a picture of our son Jack, wife Myrna, and
their dog, Chancie. She's a cutie!!The 2nd pic has Jack's
two children, Megan and Travis, plus Myrna's two girls
Danielle and Kyleigh and of course them.


Below are some pics of my son John and his family.
The first is of him, Ryan, Nick and Haley. The 2nd is Haley
and her Aunt Lynn [my daughter] and the 3rd is of myself
along with Ryan, Nick and Haley.


That same summer we took this one of Myrna, Lynn, me
Teresa and her two, Breanna and Mason, in the yard at Jack &
Myrn's house in Illinois when we went up for a visit.

In recent years, we've come to notice the resemblance
of my sister Charlene and cousin Nelda June. Maybe you'll see
it too.


This is our neighbor and good friend, Anna, on a trip
to Animal Kingdom. Our grandson-in-law Mike and great grandson
Mason are also in the picture. Looks like they're about to get wet.

Be sure to come back soon for another visit. I'm sure
to be adding more pictures and links. In fact, I'm creating
Pat's Pics 2 right now so be sure to visit.

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